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  • Increase your confidence when smiling and laughing
  • Correct alignment and bite issues
  • Continue to enjoy your favorite foods
  • Easily remove aligners while eating, drinking, and cleaning your teeth
  • Keep your oral health a priority as you straighten your smile!

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Clear Correct From Your Dentist in Hemet

A subtle way to straighten your smile, ClearCorrect utilizes a series of clear, customized, removeable aligners to slowly adjust the position of your teeth, moving them into more ideal positions.
Similar to other clear orthodontic aligners, this system is almost invisible, making it ideal for patients who would prefer to go a more discreet smile-adjusting route. They’re also made to fit snuggly, making them more comfortable than traditional braces, and since they’re removable, you can continue to enjoy the foods you love. ClearCorrect also utilizes a remote monitoring feature, which enables your dentist to track your alignment progress without as many office visits.