Teeth In A Day From Your Dentist in Hemet

A tooth-replacement option for patients who need a number of teeth – or all of their teeth on their upper and/or lower jaw – replaced, Teeth-In-A-Day is a procedure wherein a patient can receive an arch of prosthetic teeth in just one appointment. In addition to being more secure, thanks to its attachment to multiple dental implants, Teeth-In-A-Day treatment also reduces jaw bone loss that occurs when dentures alone are used to take the place of missing teeth.

What’s involved with the procedure?

With four, six, or however many dental implants are required, these implants act as an anchor for an overdenture or bridge and allow patients to replace their teeth in one day with a permanent prosthesis.

During their visit, patients will have implants placed during an outpatient surgical procedure with local anesthetic and, should they choose it, some form of oral sedation. They are then fitted with a prosthetic arch, and once the implants have had time to fuse to their jaw bone, they may return to our office to receive a second, more durable prosthetic arch should they choose to.

How should Teeth-In-A-Day prosthesis be cared for?

Patients should consume a soft diet for a number of weeks following their visit, and continue to gently maintain their oral care routine to prevent infection.

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  • Transform your smile
  • Replace missing teeth in a single appointment
  • Switch one or more dentures for a permanent, natural-looking solution
  • Build jaw bone strength with strategically placed implants
  • Enjoy a more varied diet with this prosthetic arch in place!

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