Single Tooth Anesthesia From Your Dentist in Hemet

When it comes to dental anxieties or fears, it’s commonly known that many patients find the sight of an anesthetic syringe intimidating, worrisome, and sometimes flat-out scary. Here’s where the Wand Single Tooth Anesthesia system comes in and can completely transform dental experiences for patients – whether they experience fear at the sight of needles or not.

What is Single Tooth Anesthesia and how does it work?

Designed to calm the fears of patients who avoid dental care because of needle anxiety or fear, this system also allows our dentist to deliver a controlled flow of anesthesia that meets each patient's needs as opposed to the concentrated injection that traditional syringes offer. This results in a more comfortable numbing experience for the patient, as does the “wand” feature, which includes a tiny needle that delivers the anesthesia. And the best part? Pain relief is instantaneous, and many patients report that the experience is pain-free!

What’s more, patients also find that they’re able to eat, drink, and speak without issue following an experience with Single Tooth Anesthesia, thanks to numbness being localized to the tooth requiring restoration.

Curious about this technology and whether you or someone you love might benefit from it? Call our team today to discuss!

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  • Avoid needle anxiety or fear
  • Experience less discomfort when having a cavity filled
  • Have only the tooth requiring restoration numbed
  • Receive the exact anesthetic dose you need
  • Ensure that your oral health is prioritized!

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